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DIY Picture Gallery

I love to add your photos of projects using HUMAN Speakers kits or parts (no matter how strange they are)! Just send them to me, with any description of the project you would like to include, and tell me how much credit/blame you want (name, first name only, email link, nickname on "the forums" etc.). Thanks to everyone who has participated so far!

61 ~ 81+ ~ 8841
C2/C3 ~ 250 ~ 1000
Automotive ~ Miscellaneous

61 Kits

thumbnail linkAdrian's pair in oak thumbnail linkIan built this pair in some vintage cabinets
thumbnail linkEd made pine boxes thumbnail linkZeb sent these pictures of his very nice project
thumbnail linkAll new parts to rejuvenate some lovingly decorated boxes thumbnail linkI retrofit a pair of Proac Studio 1 cabinets for a customer
thumbnail linkI built this pair to save some lovely Cizek KA-1 cabinets for a customer thumbnail linkNorman in Auckland built these with 19 year old parts!
thumbnail linkJimbob built EPI 50 clones

61 ~ 81+ ~ 8841
C2/C3 ~ 250 ~ 1000
Automotive ~ Miscellaneous

81/81+ and 81-10 Kits

thumbnail linkAl built these to match his 88-41s thumbnail linkRuss used the parts from his 81s to make these
thumbnail linkFred's 81-10s and story thumbnail linkTwo slightly different pairs in Thailand
thumbnail linkA pair of carpet-covered ones I built thumbnail linkBrian in Tasmania made some lovely examples
thumbnail linkA work by artisan Jeffrey Cooper titled "Acoustic Impressions" thumbnail linkA customer had me rebuild his Advent Prodigy towers, leading me to offer this upgrade package as a kit
thumbnail linkJimbob recycled a pair of Altec-Lansing cabinets for his first pair thumbnail linkJimbob's next project involved making some EPI 100 clones
thumbnail linkSteve recycled a pair of ElectroVoice cabinets for this pair thumbnail linkRod built these using American walnut

61 ~ 81+ ~ 8841
C2/C3 ~ 250 ~ 1000
Automotive ~ Miscellaneous

8841 Kits

thumbnail linkJoe's pair from the early 1990s thumbnail linkAl's pair, with a lot of photos
thumbnail linkRuss's fine examples thumbnail linkI built a pair in some old but sturdy cabinets to serve as rear channel speakers
thumbnail linkDaren's tricky cabinets  

61 ~ 81+ ~ 8841
C2/C3 ~ 250 ~ 1000
Automotive ~ Miscellaneous

C2+ and C3+ Kits

thumbnail linkI build a C3 center channel speaker thumbnail linkYears later, I convert its orientation to make it into a C3+
thumbnail linkJimbob's lovely walnut C2+ project  

61 ~ 81+ ~ 8841
C2/C3 ~ 250 ~ 1000
Automotive ~ Miscellaneous

1000 Kits and Projects

thumbnail linkI completely rebuild mine thumbnail linkJust the one photo, but what construction!
thumbnail linkIan's dream project finally comes true!

(And the long version)

thumbnail linkA few photos of Keith's interpretation

61 ~ 81+ ~ 8841
C2/C3 ~ 250 ~ 1000
Automotive ~ Miscellaneous

202/250 Kits

thumbnail linkI built these to replace the EPI 250s I sold thumbnail linkEd's take on the "new" 250 design
thumbnail linkTom built these in much the same way I did

61 ~ 81+ ~ 8841
C2/C3 ~ 250 ~ 1000
Automotive ~ Miscellaneous

HUMAN Automotive Applications

thumbnail linkBuilding a pair of A-61 kits and a rather sketchy behind-seat box in my Chevy truck thumbnail linkInstalling A-81 and A-61 kits in my car

61 ~ 81+ ~ 8841
C2/C3 ~ 250 ~ 1000
Automotive ~ Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous and Esoteric

thumbnail linkEd's Genesis 3 clones in fir thumbnail linkA different Ed's spherical speaker design using lots of my parts
thumbnail linkHUMAN tweeters installed on a pair of Magnepans thumbnail linkAn explanation of why I don't provide detailed cabinet plans
thumbnail linkJimbob eventually decided to build two pairs each of 61 and 81 kits as EPI 50 and 100 clones

There are photographs of the drivers here:

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Tweeters: 002 B 002 M 002 M2 002 MEx
Passives: 049 014 023

Specialized "How To" photos and essays:

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