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Genesis Physics Speakers:
A Brief History

Genesis Physics Corporation was founded by a handful of people who left EPI (Epicure Products) in the mid 1970s, with a goal of pursuing different manufacturing and marketing concepts. They definitely brought their Rolodexes with them, as the Genesis products were very similar to what EPI had been making. A few notable differences were the immediate introduction of Ferrofluid to the tweeters (it was a couple more years before EPI did it), a few small changes to the woofers to increase power handling, and the introduction, and emphasis on passive radiator enhanced bass response in the larger models.

They built high quality, low cost speakers in Newington and Portsmouth New Hampshire from 1975 to 1987. They manufactured their own drivers, which were as good as, or better than, the drivers used in today's very expensive high end systems.

The speakers were solidly built and basic in approach. The people at Genesis built products that emphasized what really matters for good sound. Very low distortion, extreme linearity, extended frequency response, and a very wide off-axis dispersion of these qualities, were engineered into the speakers, and at a very reasonable price range. They believed in their product so much they even backed the speakers with a lifetime warranty.

But they were undercapitalized, and slowly bleeding cash with each new business crisis or hurdle.

Eventually, in the early summer of 1986, while promoting a new line inaugurating the aluminum dome version of their tweeter at the SCES, they were caught between three incompatible situations. Their cabinet supplier wanted payment in advance, their bank was pushing for a reduction of their loan balance - and they had just generated a huge order for the new product from a new customer. This pushed the company into a Chapter 11 "reorganization" bankruptcy. For about 16 months, the owner struggled against all odds to revive the company, but while he succeeded in establishing a better business model and generating some income, too much time had passed and the bankruptcy trustee recommended liquidation to the Court.

This, unfortunately, spoiled the lifetime warranty.

In spite of great personal and financial stress, Genesis' former owner (my old boss) envisioned a scenario which would benefit both the customers of his former company and me, his last (faithful, loyal) employee. His idea was for me to acquire the necessary equipment at the bankruptcy auction and start making parts just like Genesis made them. I would then sell them to the speakers' owners so they could keep their wonderful, beloved Genesis speakers working.

And thus was born HUMAN Speakers (originally known as LRS Electronics). I manufacture exact or improved replacements for the woofers and passive radiators in Genesis speakers. I finished development of the "H50L" aluminum dome tweeter as an upgrade and replacement for the previous versions of the Genesis tweeter. I can also help with just about any question or problem relating to any of their products.

Huw Powell (Chief Cook and Bottlewasher)

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