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EPI & Epicure Speakers:

There are several things I want to say about grills for EPI and Epicure speakers.

The first line of models from the 1970s had grills that were glued and sometimes also nailed in place. Removal of these grills is covered here:

How to: Remove the grills from early EPI speakers

The foam grills used on some EPI models (later 200's, the 3.0, etc.) are basically impossible to duplicate, and if a replacement is desired, something must be designed and built from scratch. I have seen the flat grill on 200's replaced with masonite type grills, held on with Velcro™, and I know of at least one fanatic who is handy with wood who built new top covers for his 3.0's (and new front grills, too).

The only other approach besides paying me exorbitant fees to do the work or doing it yourself, would be the occasional item that turns up on internet auction sites or in local classifieds. This is hit or miss, of course, but if you're patient I have discovered that eventually just about anything shows up.

If you do have more money than you know what to do with, and you have absolutely decided you want me to either make you a set of grills or cover your old frames with new cloth, this is roughly how it will work. If I have to make the frames, I will need very exact drawings of the front of the cabinet so the grills will fit properly. This is your responsibility to get right. Then it will take me an hour or two to set up the tools and another hour or two to do the cutting, drilling, and routing. Think in terms of auto repair shop rates.

Putting on new cloth also takes an hour or two for a pair of grills. Shipping grills requires great care that they be packed well, as they are rather vulnerable to damage in transit, so there is a bit more labor time there.

If you want to send me a cabinet to use as a template for grill making, factor in the cost of shipping it both ways, and some more careful packing time at this end.

As you can see, I am trying to discourage you from having me do this work. You are better off doing it yourself (if it doesn't work, all you have lost is some time), or seeking the help of a local friend with tools and skills, the only cost in that case might be the celebratory beer after the job is done. If I do take on the work, I will be making sure I absolutely do not lose money on the job, and I will also not want to be rushed by any timetable.

Even though I don't like to do it, I will install new cloth on your existing grills if you want. Here are some basic guidelines to having me do this:

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