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EPI & Epicure Speakers:
Original Retail Prices

(as listed in the individual model files)

From time to time, people ask me what certain models of speakers cost when they were new. I have scrounged through my files and found the original retail list prices for most EPI and Epicure branded speakers, which should be reasonably accurate. These are "Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices" - please remember that higher or lower prices may have been charged. The prices listed in each case are for a pair of speakers

This data is intended primarily to satisfy curiosity, but it might also to help place a value on used speakers or be an aid to determining and recovering damages in instances of loss.

These figures have been listed, along with approximate dates of manufacture, in each individual product file.

Two notes about valuation: To compare costs to todays terms, remember to factor in inflation. A pair of speakers sold twenty years ago might very well cost two or three times as much to buy today. The opposite mathematical operation also applies - used products lose value to depreciation as well. Go figure.

P.S. People also ask me, "what are my speakers worth today?"

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