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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Contact Information

Name: My name is Huw Powell.

You can call me Huw.


I try to reply to email as quickly as possible.

Some questions require more time than others to formulate answers, so please be patient.

Important note to Yahoo customers: for some reason my replies, from, are often filtered to "junk" folders by I do not know why, and there is no way to fix this that I can find. But when you find such an email and mark it "not junk" you might be helping to fix that.

Telephone: 603 659 5335

There is an answering device that takes messages if I am unable to get to the telephone myself. Please be sure to leave your name and number. Please do not try to send text messages - I won't receive them. This is a business land line.


HUMAN Speakers
7 Kelsey Road
Lee NH 03861-6315

You must make an appointment if you want to visit for any reason.

I am usually available for such arrangements after noon or so well into the evening, most days of most weeks.

Directions and a map
can be found here

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Thank you!

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7 Kelsey Road, Lee, New Hampshire 03861

Prices can change and specifications will improve without notice

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