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International Ordering Information

(This also describes the shipping method for Hawaii and Alaska)

Method of Shipment

Shipping outside the (continental) United States is something I do quite regularly. I usually use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for these shipments, since the rates for the package delivery companies (United Parcel Service, Federal Express, etc.) are very high for overseas shipments, often two or three times more than Priority Mail.

If you want, I will use any of the common carrier services (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) for your package. There are two requirements if you prefer this method. One is that I must be able to arrange for them to come and get your package easily. The other is that I will only ship "freight charges collect" using your account number.

Delivery Time

The usual factors apply to the time that elapses between order placement and shipment from my facility.

The time from then until delivery varies somewhat, but follows a fairly consistent pattern.

What follows is the scan log of a shipment in August of 2015 to Australia. The events read from the bottom up. You will receive an email from the USPS at every stage of this journey.

EventLocationDateMy comments
DeliveredAUSTRALIAAugust 12This shipment went very smoothly and took six days plus twelve time zones
Note: Sometimes at this point the package is held for you to pick it up, and perhaps pay any customs duties
Processed Through Sort FacilityAUSTRALIAAugust 10
DepartedSydney, AUSTRALIAAugust 10Now it is up to your local services
Note: Some packages change planes in Los Angeles, creating another arrival and departure scan. Some fly out of Newark, NJ instead of New York.
DepartedNew York, UNITED STATESAugust 8Your package is on a plane
Processed Through Sort Facility ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)August 8
Arrived at Sort FacilityISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) August 8All international shipments go through this facility
Departed USPS FacilityNASHUA, NHAugust 7
Arrived at USPS FacilityNASHUA, NHAugust 6
Departed Post OfficeLEE, NHAugust 6It leaves for the pre-sort facility
Picked Up LEE, NHAugust 6My local carrier picks up the package
Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS August 6This is when I create and pay for the shipment label

Customs, Duties and Clearance Costs

The shipping costs you will calculate here are only what I have to pay to send the package to you. International orders will usually incur customs and duty costs, the amount of which will depend on your local government policies. You will be charged at the time of delivery by your local carrier for any of these fees and charges. If you are unsure how this will affect your order, please inquire locally before ordering.

I should not even have to say this, but do not ever, ever ask me to ship items without declaring the full value for customs purposes.

How to Determine Shipping Charges

If you want me to calculate the shipping costs, just place your order, and I will email you with the amount for approval before doing any processing.

If you want to work out what it will be yourself, do this:

First, add up the shipping weight of your order. We will do this is in pounds since that is what the USPS rate calculator uses. Each tweeter and each passive radiator you order will be two pounds. Each six or eight inch woofer will be five pounds. Most ten and twelve inch woofers run about six to eight pounds, and I may have to adjust your figures depending on the exact parts involved. (These figures allow for packaging)

Use the link below to go to the USPS web site. It will open a new window on your computer so you can still read these instructions while using it.

Pick your country from the drop-down menu. (AK and HI customers, click around a bit to find the domestic pricing page.)

Enter the value of your order.

Pick a mailing date a week or two in the future.

Select "Package" for one or two parts, "Large Package" for more.

Enter the weight you have calculated, and click on the "continue" button.

If you entered "Large Package", enter 20" by 13" by 12" as a good guess in "Package Dimensions".

Their calculator will return a list of costs, usually for several different speeds of travel (Express, Air Parcel, etc.).

Although they seem like a good deal, the "Priority Mail® Flat Rate box" options are not viable for the packages I ship.

"First-Class Package International Service" is also not a viable option. It may seem like a better deal, but to use it I have to drive your package to the Post Office, wait in line, and then wait while a clerk deals with their software and paperwork for export forms. It's not worth the hour or more that this can take.

"Priority Mail® International" is the best option. You may have to click on "Priority Mail Options" to see these rates.

At this point you can pick a shipping method, and click on "add extra services" to add in the insurance for the amount of your order. You must add the insurance amount for the full value of your order, since I will be paying to insure your package.

Print the contents of this window, or make a note of the cost. Round the dollar amount up to the nearest dollar and add one more dollar. This will be the estimated shipping and insurance charge for your order. It is usually close enough, but if the cost is substantially higher or lower I will adjust it accordingly and let you know.

Click here: United States Postal Service, International Package Rates

You can also simply order the parts and instruct me to calculate the shipping cost for you.

Parts Availability

Please note: There are three categories of parts I sell. Those available without a trade in, those available on a core charge basis, and those only available with prior return of the original parts.

The parts that are sold "without a trade in" are of course available to be shipped anywhere.

The parts available on a "core charge" basis will cost you a little bit more if I don't get the old ones back. It usually costs more than the core charges for you to return the old parts. However, if the opportunity arises, due to travel to the U.S., for instance, you can return them to me and the core charges will be refunded. Very few of my parts are sold this way, since almost all of them are newly built nowadays.

Parts that are sold on a "trade required" basis are typically not available overseas - due to the cost of your sending them back first. If you do send them to me, of course, I can rebuild them and send them back to you.

Method of Payment

The best way to handle payment is with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Paypal. I will bill your account in U.S. dollars for the amount of the order and you will be charged in your local currency. I believe they use fair rates for the currency conversion. You may want to inquire with your credit card company to find out how they handle this prior to ordering.

International money orders, bank cheques, and wire transfers all incur extra costs and are generally not worth the trouble.

Thank you

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