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Complete Loudspeaker Systems

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Premium Bookshelf Models

Entry Level Bookshelf Models - Premium Floorstanding Models

Model 81

This eight inch, two way system uses the same hand-made parts as the oak-veneered Model 81 DK (not shown below), in a smaller cabinet. They are available in three attractive vinyl finishes.

18¼ x 11½ x 7½ in.
19 lbs each

$634.00 /pair (black ash)
$654.00 /pair (mahogany)
$664.00 /pair (maple)

Model 61

Six inch, two way system featuring my own hand-made parts, in a black ash vinyl clad cabinet.

14 x 9 x 11 in.
15 lbs each

$547.00 /pair

Entry Level Bookshelf Models

Premium Bookshelf Models - Premium Floorstanding Models

Model QT Zero

A lovely five inch, two way "baby" system for computers and other small spaces. Available in classic walnut or black vinyl finishes.

11½ x 7¾ x 6½ in.
7 lbs each

$167.00 /pair

Model QT 1+

Six inch, two way system incorporating imported drivers, in a simulated ash vinyl cabinet.

12¾ x 8 x 7½ in.
11 lbs each

$269.00 /pair

Premium Floorstanding Models

Premium Bookshelf Models - Entry Level Bookshelf Models

Model 88-41

A three way system featuring double eight inch woofers, offered in a beautiful real wood veneer cabinet.

47½ x 10½ x 18 in.
90 lbs each
$3910.00 /pair
Also in industrial black for $2380.00 /pair

Direct Acoustics
Silent Speaker 2

Designed by Winslow Burhoe, and manufactured exclusively by HUMAN Speakers. Six inch, two way system with special internal baffles for bass enhancement.

25 x 13½ x 9 in.
28 lbs each
$914.00 /pair in black ash


Featuring a glorious array of twenty four hand made eight inch woofers and forty eight tweeters per side, who could resist having these installed when they have the foundation poured for their dedicated listening room? The cabinets are tastefully presented in domestic marble or granite. Imported alabaster brings a small price increase. A budget version in plain reinforced concrete is also available, however.

300 x 60 x 70 cm
1090 kg
$765432.10 /pair

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