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Current Specials

Upgrades of speakers listed here are all negotiable as to how much I do to them. All systems listed are pairs unless otherwise described.

Speakers that have been completely rebuilt sell as new with a full five year factory warranty.

(For any items which do not yet have photos, details, or pricing, let me know you are interested and I will get them done next)

Boston Acoustics A70 - eight inch two-way, very good condition except for one tiny grill cloth flaw.

$150 plus shipping.

Snell Acoustics Type E II - eight inch two-way with rear tweeter, real oak veneer.

Epicure 5 - six inch two-way, very nice real cherry veneer (the later, angle-sided cabinet).

$360.00, with HUMAN PRO 007 rebuilt woofers with butyl surrounds and new tweeters and crossover parts - effectively, these are HUMAN 61 clones.

Polk Audio S4 - six inch two-way in very nice black ash vinyl, great condition.

$150.00 plus shipping

HUMAN Speakers 81-10 - eight inch two-way, with ten inch passive, in tilted cabinets with large bevels.

$750/pair, plus shipping

EPI 150s, in the real walnut veneer with "brass" trim and the lighter brown grill cloth.

A very special pair of HUMAN 81+ speakers in hand carved bas-relief cabinets.

Fried R/4 - ten inch three-way, real walnut veneer. The stands are a little banged up but still function perfectly.

$400.00 plus shipping.

Definitive Technology BP-2002 - piano black finish. Built-in ten inch powered subwoofers complement the dual 5.25 inch two way system with many wiring options.


The (vinyl) walnut HUMAN 81s that went to WIRED magazine.

The HUMAN 88-41/Genesis 66 prototypes.


My rebuilt EPI 1000s


EPI T/E 320 Series 2 with some new parts, $300, with more new parts, negotiable.

To order anything from this listing, contact me first, to determine if it is still available and get a shipping quote.

Please note: All sales of these items are final. Thank you!

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