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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Links to other web sites of interest

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Arachnophilia WebThing

All my web sites are created and maintained using Arachnophilia. I use version 4.0 because I am used to it, not the current universal platform Java version.

Genesis Advanced Technologies

Genesis Advanced Technologies is the second incarnation of a high-end speaker manufacturer using the "Genesis" trademark.

Direct Acoustics

Direct Acoustics offers the latest products from EPI founder Winslow Burhoe, now manufactured by HUMAN Speakers.

Boston Audio Society

Amateur enthusiasts have always pushed this industry along...

DIY Audio

Lots of places to go and people to meet.


A very active audio equipment forum.


Buy and sell overpriced audio gear.

Classic Speaker Pages

Information on older speakers, emphasis on Acoustic Research.

DIY Audio

Another active forum.


Visiting the Audio Club will test your knowledge of Italian!

Stereophile Magazine

Subjective reviews and objective measurements of mostly expensive audio hardware and some musical recordings.

Curt Bessette

Curt Bessette: "singer, songwriter, fugitive from the law of averages."

Joel Cage

An award winning singer/songwriter and fabulous guitar player, Joel Cage also happens to be an all around great guy.

Lex and Joe

Lex and Joe, Blueswing, The Nightlifes: great music played (and recorded) with heart and soul by consummate musicians!

Tom Waits

You can't beat Tom Waits for innovation and style. This link is a great place to find out more about him.

Leonard Cohen

I imagine Leonard Cohen has spent some time looking at the world from under cheap cafe chairs.


Years ago, Curve put out two great albums, then vanished... then they came back to life... then went away again.


This is one of many Neil Young fan sites. I like the name.

Cheap Trick!

I'm an old fan - in 1998 they played a limited tour of "three night stands" featuring their first three albums. I saw it at the Paradise in Boston.

Huw Powell

A guide to my erratic web creations

My brother's business, based in the greater Atlanta area, focuses on e-waste recycling and "alternative" energy initiatives.

My sister works for The Dogwood Alliance, an environmental non-profit in North Carolina.

Lidded Casserole

Jeff Brown Pottery, besides being owned and operated by a good friend of mine, is a great place to find beautiful handthrown and decorated stoneware and porcelain.

The New Hampshire Gazette is the nation's oldest newspaper™, published independently by Steven Fowle in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

My neighbors run the best independent auto repair shop I have ever encountered.

Pawtuckaway Nursery

Another neighbor, providing the best plant material and advice around.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is fighting for human rights (not human speakers...), and I have edited an easier to read version of their Articles of Human Rights for myself. I hope they don't mind...

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