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In the early 1970's a speaker company was formed to build speakers based on a simple, elegant woofer/tweeter module. This was Epicure Products Inc (EPI). In 1975 some EPI employees left and founded Genesis Physics Corporation. Their intent was to create a small cottage industry type of company building speakers by hand and staying in intimate contact with the quality of the product. They "borrowed" the basic EPI design with some improvements to increase power handling and reduce distortion. Unfortunately Genesis was always undercapitalized, and succumbed after twelve years to the increasing weight of their debts.

This was the background against which I founded HUMAN Speakers. My whole life I have loved listening to music, both live and recorded. I have built my own speakers over the years as a hobby, slowly learning what mattered (and what didn't) to the quality of the sound they produced.

I went to work at Genesis Physics in 1985, and I learned their techniques, philosophy, and processes inside out. Two of the things I truly enjoyed about working there were that their speakers incorporated the techniques I thought mattered most to good musical reproduction, and the pleasure of the personal attachment to the product that is possible in a small manufacturing operation. When the last days finally came, George Samuels, the about-to-be former owner of Genesis, urged me to start a company to make parts for the many Genesis speakers in the field. It seemed easier than finding a job at the time, so I started LRS Electronics.

So there I was, making the parts that made the magical sounds in my own kitchen! It only took both my neurons about two days to develop the concept of building my own brand of speakers using the best of the technologies and engineering solutions I had learned, and HUMAN Speakers was born.

I finished developing the aluminum concave dome tweeter that we were working on at Genesis, and gradually designed several speakers taking advantage of its qualities and those of the best woofers I make. Although the intervening decades have yielded a few technological improvements, I am always careful not to throw away the magical elements of the original designs.

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