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Loudspeaker Repair Service

HUMAN Speakers has been building and repairing speakers since 1987.

I can diagnose and repair most American-made speakers at any level necessary

as long as they are actually repairable

and some imported models (many imports use unavailable metric parts).

Many older speakers that are otherwise perfectly good require no more than refoaming the woofers to get them back up on their feet. Sometimes more extensive damage will require reconing (a complete rebuild) or appropriate replacement of drivers, or analysis and repair of crossover circuitry.

I can also use my own hand-made parts to completely rebuild speakers that have good solid cabinets but lackluster performance.

I have extensive experience repairing PA and musical instrument speakers.

Here at HUMAN Speakers I do more than just build my own speakers. I also can recone, refoam, and rejuvenate all kinds of speakers. All my work is fully guaranteed.

I encourage local customers to bring me your treasures so I can bring them back to life! Just contact me to discuss your requirements and arrange a visit.

Services Offered Descriptions of my services.
Brands ServicedAn always-incomplete list of brands I work on.
PricingA price list for these services.
WarrantyAll speaker repair work is fully guaranteed.
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