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New Products Price List

Products: Cabinet finish: Price:
61 Black ash vinyl 453.00 /pair
66 Wood veneer 2525.00 /pair
81 Oak or black ash vinyl 594.00 /pair
81+ Black lacquered oak 1290.00 /pair
88-41 Wood veneer 3910.00 /pair
88-41 Industrial black 2380.00 /pair
A 61 Carpeted: black, brown or... 376.00 /pair
A 81 Carpeted: black, brown or... 446.00 /pair
C-2 Painted black 478.00 /each
C-3 Painted black 827.00 /each
QT Zero Black or walnut vinyl 167.00 /pair
QT-1+ Black ash vinyl 269.00 /pair
Direct Acoustics
Silent Speaker II
Black ash veneer 914.00 /pair
"INHUMAN" Wood, marble, granite... 765432.10 /pair
Kits: Description: Price:
K-QT1 Affordable six-inch two-way 151.00 / pair
K-A61 six-inch two-way automotive 328.00 / pair
K-A81 eight-inch two-way automotive 344.00 / pair
K-61 six-inch two-way 318.00 / pair
K-C2 Dual woofer, 6 inch 2-way 249.00 / each
K-C3 Dual woofer 8 inch three-way 444.00 / each
K-66 Dual woofer 6 inch two-way 486.00 / pair
K-81 eight-inch two-way 334.00 / pair
K-8110 Eight-inch 2-way with ten-inch passive 426.00 / pair
K-8841 Dual woofer eight-inch three-way 892.00 / pair
K-202 Double eight-inch two-way 619.00 / pair
K-400 Quadruple six-inch two-way 1150.00 / pair
K-1000 Quadruple eight-inch two-way 1230.00 / pair
K-101 ten-inch two-way 374.00 / pair
K-916 Line array speaker kit 3498.00 / pair

I strive to keep this information as accurate as possible. However, we all make misteaks sometimes. I cannot be responsible for typographical or computer processing errors.

Check out the Refurbished and Unique speakers on the Specials page!

Shipping, handling, and insurance: contact me, or leave for me to calculate.

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