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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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HUMAN 916 Kit

$3944.00 / pair
(Tentative price)

The HUMAN 916 is an eight-foot tall line array speaker system. It features nine PRO 005 8" extra long throw woofers and sixteen PRO 002 M2 1" aluminum concave dome tweeters, all wired in a series-parallel arrangement to retain the original basic impedance of the simple 8" two-way module it is based on (this is nominally 6 ohms, generally 8 ohms or above, with a minimum of about 4 ohms).

The cabinet is sized to yield just over a cubic foot and a half for each woofer, resulting in optimal flat low frequency reponse (Qt = approximately 0.707).

The frequency response is from about 30 Hz to 25 kHz, with the gentle roll-off on the low end of a sealed box system leaving nothing to the imagination (down about 8 dB at 20 Hz).

Power handling will be on the order of 1500 watts RMS per channel.

If the parts are crammed closer together, the overall height could be reduced to seven feet or so, in case your ceiling presents an issue. However, even with that "trimming", remember that the diagonal will be longer, so you might never be able to tilt the speaker up or down to a horizontal position. You would have to build them upright in the room. (Actually, it's not that bad. At 84" tall and 14.5" wide, the diagonal is under 85.5", so something in this range could be built outside and then moved into a room with, say, a 7'-6" ceiling and then tilted upright.)

Mine will be eight feet tall, just under fifteen inches wide, and about two feet deep. The basic carcass will be made of an outer layer of 3/4" MDF and an inner layer of 1/2" plywood.

They will probably weigh about 350 pounds.

The front corners will be 1.25" quarter-round oak sourced from Menard's.

I'll add some nominal 1x2 oak trim around the top and bottom, carefully sanded to match the quarter-round front corners.

The main panels will simply be painted satin black, using a roller to get a gentle textured surface.

I will probably do as much assembly as possible in their room of final use to minimize the difficulty of moving monstrosities like these around. That will mean cutting and gluing up all the vertical sheets, and then painting them, in the workshop. I'll also cut and glue the tops and bottoms, and make the brace parts there, too. Then I'll lay the fronts, with holes cut and parts installed, face down on something soft and assemble the sides and tops and bottoms along with the internal braces right in the middle of the living room. I'll probably do the wiring on the fly as I assemble the boxes. Last to go in will be the back panels with terminals.

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