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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Speaker Repair
Base Price List

Nominal diameterRefoamingReconingPA/Instrument
6.5" (and smaller)$30.00 $65.00
8"$36.00 $72.00
10"$42.00 $85.00
12"$48.00 $92.00 up to $160.00
15"$54.00 $100.00 up to $180.00
18"$60.00 $118.00 up to $200.00

The above pricing is nominal; I try to stick to it when possible.

Other Charges

Shipping (inbound)$6.00 (and up) for special order parts
Labor$72.00 / hour
Labor with travel$800.00 / day (plus expenses)
TestingVaries; included with all work
Remove and reinstall or replace parts$22.00 (and up) each
Treat and paint rusty frames$6.00 (and up) each
Magnet structure service$72.00 (and up)
Minimum chargeHalf an hour


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