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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Resources for the DIY Speaker Builder

One thing I strive to do with the kits I sell is make the additional purchases necessary as simple as possible.

Basically, all I leave for you to do is source your cabinet materials and build the boxes, buy your internal damping material locally, and, usually, get the grill cloth yourself.

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Box stuffing/damping material

  • Walmart - U use Morning Glory polyfill in a 5 pound box, SKU (internet) 19397504. But I use a lot.
  • Joann Fabric
  • Lumber yard/home improvement stores (primarily for unfaced fiberglass)

    Grill cloth

  • Joann Fabric - here you can find actual black speaker grill cloth, SKU 3514023 by the yard (or fraction thereof).
  • Walmart - they have a lot of lightly-woven, stretchy synthetic knit-type fabrics in an amazing array of amusing patterns and solids.
  • Following from the above, at any decent fabric store you should be able to find lightweight synthetic fabric that is 1. easy to blow through ("acoustically transparent"), and 2. stretches in both directions.

    Hinge bits

  • These are great for drilling pilot holes that are actually centered.

    Surround patching (etc.) glue

  • Aleene's Original Tacky Glue at Walmart - goes on white, dries clear, stays flexible, water clean-up. (Not tested by me.)


  • Seriously, with Radio Shack gone I have been searching for the perfect 0.063" ~60/40 blend to match it. Parts Express has a decent finer-gauge solder, useful for making tweeters.

    Test tones

  • I have done some internet searches and found suitable test tones available for download in various resolutions. I may have even bookmarked them. What I haven't done is put the link here (yet), or started offering an inexpensive "Test Tone CD" (yet) or easy file to download (yet).

    Test equipment

  • Parts Express - the Omnimic system was pretty effective, but is discontinued. Keep in mind that any RTA-type measurements will also include early reflections from nearby objects (manifesting as interference sums and nulls). So build yourself an anechoic chamber, using a disused High School gymnasium.

    Very interesting web sites

  • - contains massive lists of existent and defunct audio companies, with brief, relatively accurate histories.

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