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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Building speakers based on classic designs by
HUMAN, EPI/Epicure, and Genesis Physics

You can build your own speakers based on these existing designs, taking advantage of the work that has already been done. You just build your own cabinet and assemble them yourself. Many of the speakers built by Genesis and EPI/Epicure were very worthwhile designs; they looked good and sounded great. The ones listed here are on the price list as kits - the kit includes the drivers, crossover and terminal, grill pegs and sockets, and all the screws to attach these parts to your cabinet.

HUMAN Speakers designs
Reproducing Genesis Physics systems
Inspired by EPI/Epicure speakers

Note: in many of the projects detailed through this section, it would seem appropriate, and many would like it, if I offered detailed cabinet plans. While I try to explain in detail what dimensions will matter and the driver placement for a given system, the construction skills, tools, and techniques available to individual builders will vary so much that the exact pieces of material required will never be the same twice.

When designing and building your cabinets, try to keep this in mind: The basic ratios of height to width to depth should usually be preserved. The interior volume is more important than the exterior dimensions, so if you make your boxes out of very thick material, work to the interior dimensions given, not the exterior description; and if you add substantial bracing (which I recommend), increase the volume accordingly to compensate for the space the braces use up.

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