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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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HUMAN K-A61 Speaker Kit
$359.00 / pair

Building speakers based on classic designs:
HUMAN A-61, EPI LS 70; Genesis AM-165
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Buying the A-61 as a kit provides more flexibility in using the product. Whether you simply wish to build and finish the mounting board yourself or mount the drivers separately in locations more convenient for your car, this set of parts will accomodate you.

The HUMAN K-A61 includes:

2 PRO 007 woofers
2 PRO 002 M2 tweeters
2 Complete wiring harness/crossover/connector sets
Screws to install all parts
Grills and hardware for the woofers
Basic instruction sheet (and telephone/email support)

You provide:

Mounting boards
Damping material (e.g. felt, fiberglass, polyester, etc.)

The crossovers come with 16" long, 16 AWG wires terminated in quick disconnects for easy attachment to the drivers. Also provided are a set of wires just like them that can be crimped (or soldered) to your cars speaker wires to take advantage of the 0.200" male input terminals on the crossover.

The woofers can be protected from harm with the included rugged grill. The tweeters have a small built in grill to keep stray objects from damaging the domes.

Due to its flexibilty in mounting arrangements, this kit makes it easy to have great sound in any car. Ideally a pair should be installed in the front and the rear of your car for a completely involving experience.

Here are the parts included:

(Please note that the tweeters included are now the round PRO 002 M2 version.)

A 61 kit parts display

and a closer look at the easy to use crossover:

A 61 crossover module

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