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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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HUMAN Speakers Replacement Parts Price List

(shipping costs below - "where used" listing)

Part Number Description Price Trade in?
PRO 002 B Large square 1" concave dome tweeter 79.00 20.00
PRO 002 M New 3.5" round 1" dome tweeter 69.00 (no trade)
PRO 002 M2 New 4" round 1" dome tweeter 69.00 (no trade)
PRO 002 MR Rebuild M-style tweeter 41.00 (trade required)
PRO 005 8" woofer 83.00 (no trade)
PRO 006 8" 2 ohm woofer 83.00 (no trade)
PRO 007 6" long throw woofer 71.00 (no trade)
PRO 008 6" 2 ohm woofer 75.00 (no trade)
PRO 012 6" woofer 37.00 (no trade)
PRO 013 0.5" tweeter 17.00 (no trade)
PRO 014 10" passive radiator 51.00 (no trade)
PRO 016 New soft dome tweeter 69.00 (no trade)
PRO 030 5.25" woofer 35.00 (no trade)
PRO 035 4" dome midrange NLA (no trade)
PRO 054 4" cone midrange NLA (no trade)
XTR 008 HUMAN 81/DK grill, specify color 30.00 (irrelevant)

I strive to keep this information as accurate as possible. However, we all make misteaks sometimes. I cannot be responsible for typographical or computer processing errors.

Trade-in status:

Most of the parts I sell are all-new, and I have no need of your old parts.
They say "no trade".

Some must be returned to me first, as I build the replacement on your chassis.
They say "trade required".

One or two parts have a core value that I will pay back after you return your old parts.
They list the value.

Shipping, Handling, and Insurance:

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