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Detailed plans for DIY speaker boxes?

Over the years many people have asked me if I provide detailed plans to build the cabinets for the various HUMAN Speakers DIY projects.

The short answer is "no", and there are two very good reasons why.

The first is fairly simple - most people seem to prefer to come up with their own particular design of cabinet, based on materials available, desired finish(es), and space available in the home. If you look at the various projects shown in the DIY Gallery, you won't see two pairs of speakers built to the same dimensions.

Second, every builder and every hobbyist has different abilities, access to tools, and preferences for how to attach pieces of material together. Thus, even two people building the same project to the same external dimensions with the same thickness material will likely be cutting their raw boards into different sizes in different ways.

Here are eight relatively legitimate ways to join two sheets of the same thickness meeting at a ninety degree angle:

Simple butt joint

Simple bevel joint

Simple lap joint

Simple dado joint

Bevel with internal framing

Bevel with dadoed internal frame

Butt joint with external framing

External frame with dadoes

And I didn't even try to draw the combinations using dovetail joints!

Every single one of the methods shown above, when used to make a box of the same dimensions, uses sheets cut to different sizes (except, relatively speaking, the three versions of bevel joints shown).

Some people are using only handheld power tools. Others have a nice table saw. Some cut holes with jigsaws, some with routers. Some like to rabbet their driver holes for a nice flush fit.

Of the many reinforcement or stiffening techniques I can think of, here are a few:

All of these lead to different ways to cut the raw material to produce the desired result.

So working up complete plans for every project I offer would be a fool's errand. That said, the idea of "customer support" does include assistance with this aspect of a project. I don't mind helping out with your work in the planning stage at all. Also, several times customers or potential customers have sent me their plans in various formats for comments and encouragement. I also work with people who are building a "retrofit" project in existing cabinets to make sure that what I supply is as easy as possible to work with, accomodating various tweeter cutouts and backplate/terminal arrangements, for example.

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