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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Model 81 DK
$1270.00 /pair

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The HUMAN 81 DK is the best possible two-way speaker I can build using my hand-made woofers and tweeters.


18½ H x 11½ W x 14½ D
29 pounds175 watts
38 Hz to 26 kHz

(A lower cost version, the model 81, is available in a similar, but half as deep, vinyl-clad enclosure, using the same basic design and hand-made parts.)

My speaker parts are rugged and purist. They are designed to complement each other's range and clarity. The woofer, in this cabinet, is flat from 38 Hz (-6 dB at 27 Hz, -12 dB at 18 Hz) to 1800 Hz, where the tweeter takes over (most tweeters couldn't handle a crossover this low) and finishes the job out to 26 kHz, beyond human hearing. A minimalist crossover design prevents stored energy from smearing the musical detail and provides excellent transient response.

This speaker is built to "high end" standards, with high quality binding posts, an audiophile grade crossover capacitor, 16 gauge internal wiring, and extensive internal bracing and damping.

It is available in a high-gloss oak veneer finish with a black grill. Ask nicely and I will use the silver-grey grills shown in some of these photos for yours. I have dark brown grills, too.

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