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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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ACC 001 - 10 uF 250 v Film Capacitor
$7.00 each

(The ACC 010 is an 8.2 uF capacitor with
identical characteristics and the same price)

This is a premium 10 microfarad, 250 volt polypropylene film audiophile-grade capacitor I have manufactured exclusively for HUMAN Speakers. They are what I use on all two-way HUMAN Speakers systems that feature my concave dome tweeter, and are used as an upgrade in many of my crossover replacement products.

The vanishingly low dissipation factor (DF) is what makes it sound so good - the DF is a measure of how closely a capacitor aligns with, or deviates from, the perfect curve corresponding to XC=1/(2 π f C) - that is, the impedance is in exact inverse proportion to the frequency. This is especially important in a speaker crossover capacitor, since we are listening to several octaves of music through it, and no frequencies should be attenuated more or less than they are supposed to be.

Here are some examples of DF measurements of 10 uF capacitors:

Black tube with red endsEarly 1970s EPI 1005010.6285.34%
Aluminum electrolyticEarly 1980s EPI 1001009.6436.67%
HUMAN Speakers ACC 001New2509.999< 0.01%

Measured on a General Radio 1658 RLC Digibridge at 1 kHz. The last digit of the capacitance measurement tends to fluctuate +/- 0.002 with repeat measurements, the DF by +/- 0.01.

HUMAN Speakers ACC 001 10 uF capacitor

(Actual size approximately 1 1/2" long by 3/4" in diameter, plus leads)

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