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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Welcome to HUMAN Speakers

New Speakers

I build a line of new speakers by hand here in New Hampshire, USA, and ship them worldwide.

The HUMAN Model 81 was rated 9/10 ("nearly flawless, buy it now") by Wired magazine.

I also provide a range of high quality parts and kits for the D.I.Y. speaker builder - build your own speakers with HUMAN parts and kits.

Speaker Repairs

I offer intensive specialized service and support for speakers from the 1970s and 80s made by Genesis Physics Corporation and EPI - Epicure Products Incorporated.

I also perform a wide range of expert speaker repairs - I can fix virtually any repairable brand or type of speaker.

Directions and Map

I welcome local customers - here are directions and a map.

Founded: December 1987
Most recent update: November 16th, 2023

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