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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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HUMAN K-8110 Speaker Kit
$454.00 / pair

Building speakers based on classic designs:
HUMAN 81-10; Genesis II, 2+, 20, 210, 33, and 44
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PRO 002 M2 tweeter
PRO 005 woofer
PRO 014 passive radiator

This type of system uses a specially tuned 10" passive radiator to augment the bass response of the 8" woofer, as exemplified by the HUMAN 81-10, and the Genesis II, 2+, and 20. Other than this extra part and box volume being much more critical, it is essentially the same speaker as the model 81 project.

The crossover used by HUMAN is just a single ten microfarad capacitor in series with the tweeter. The Genesis II and 2+ also added a shunt coil of 0.47 mH, and the Genesis 20 used 8.2 uF shunted by a 0.9 mH choke coil - these "second order" networks are intended to decrease the power "seen" by the tweeter below the roll off frequency. Since this comes with a penalty in the linearity of the phase response, I prefer to use the single capacitor design myself. The Genesis 44 used a more complex network, intended to lower the crossover frequency by about a third of an octave. I can build your kit this way if you prefer, for a small increase in price.


Interior dimensions in inches, volume in cubic feet:

HUMAN 81-101.8
Genesis II25139.51.79
Genesis 2+30.5138.51.95
Genesis 2025.51391.73
Genesis 21029.51592.3

The 2+ and 210 are somewhat outliers from the fairly consistent 1.8 cubic feet of the others, but this gave them a bit more low end, at the "cost" of using up more space in the room.

The Genesis 33 and 44, with their beveled front corners, are harder to describe in this fashion. Should you wish to duplicate one or the other, I'll work out the dimensions and volume details with you. I'm pretty sure the G44 works out to about 1.8 cubic feet.

Stock bracing: None (except the Genesis 44 and HUMAN models). I recommend adding at least one brace front to rear at the point between the woofer and tweeter cutouts, and likewise between the woofer and passive.

Driver position: Offset from center of cabinet face, tweeter a different distance from the top than the sides, drivers as close together as practical. The passive radiator can be centered - it can also be placed on the rear or a side if you want a narrower front baffle.

The HUMAN 8110 Kit includes:

2 PRO 005 woofers
2 PRO 002 M2 tweeters
2 PRO 014 passive radiators
2 Terminal cups with gold plated 5-way binding posts
2 Complete wiring harness/crossovers
Screws to install all parts
Pegs and sockets for grill mounting
Basic instruction sheet (and telephone/email support)

You provide:

The cabinet
The grill, if desired
Internal damping material (e.g. fiberglass, polyester, etc.)

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