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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Adding a HUMAN tweeter to Magnepans

close up of tweeter Left:
Close up


Magnepan with HUMAN tweeter
crossover components

Photographs kindly submitted by Mark Meany, who had this to say...

"Huw - The tweeters arrived safe and sound yesterday. I quickly mounted them using a sophisticated array of bar clamps and business cards and man, they were worth the wait! I am amazed at how closely you matched the efficiency of the Magnepans. I thought I'd have to [mess] around getting the balance right but they're fine just the way they are. I listened to the 'Water Song' by Hot Tuna, 'Harpo's Blues' by Phoebe Snow, 'Friend of the Devil' by the Dead - standard test tunes for me. I'm gonna have to listen to all my records all over again! I am very pleased.

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