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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Upgrading the Advent Prodigy Tower:
The K-81AP Speaker Kit
$363.00 / pair

Use this order form, scroll down to part number K-81AP

A customer brought me his pair of Prodigy Towers in the summer of 2011, with worn out woofers, and we decided that I would rebuild them completely with my HUMAN 81 Kit parts. Advent Prodigy tweeter replacement Advent Prodigy terminal holeModified terminal hole Advent Prodigy upgrade complete

The woofer would be simple, the tweeter a custom version of my "M" series of tweeters built to fit the Prodigy cutout and mounting location, and the crossover required a few tweaks.

This is now offered as a "plug and play" kit, with the exception of the cutting required by the installer "behind" the terminal cup.

Here is how it went:

First I removed all the old parts and the cabinet stuffing material.

Next I fabricated a pair of custom tweeter faceplates to match the mounting screw spacing and cabinet cutout in the original cabinets, and built the tweeters (top image). Meanwhile I had also built and set aside a pair of new woofers.

Then I built a pair of crossover/backplate/wiring assemblies, using a terminal cup that was the same size and shape as the original, and wiring long enough to reach from the very low-mounted input location to the high-mounted drivers.

Although the outside dimensions of the backplates was the same, the original Advent cup used a smaller cutout. "Luckily", the required hole for my cup is exactly the same as the original screw hole rectangle. This is the only step that requires modification of the cabinet. I used a jigsaw and made some ugly cuts from each screw hole to the next, and drilled four pilot holes for the new screw spacing (middle pictures).

I installed the crossover assembly, ran the wires to their appropriate holes, re-stuffed the cabinets, plugged in the drivers and screwed them in place. Voila! After testing and some listening, we have the HUMAN Prodigy tower!

My customer insisted that I replace the "Advent" badges with "HUMAN" ones in the interest of accuracy.

HUMAN badges are an available option with any complete speaker kit purchase.

(All images are linked to large copies)

Kit price: $363.00 / pair
Use this order form, scroll down to part number K-81AP

Advent Prodigy crossover schematic
Shown above: the stock crossover in the Advent Prodigy
Key to Crossover Symbols and Component Values (in a new window)

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