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61 Kit: Photographs

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In 2015, Norman in Auckland acquired a "New Old Stock" pair of PRO 007 woofers and PRO 002 B tweeters that I built in November of 1996. These are the speakers he built with them.

He says:

"I tried to keep the cost down as the priority is the good music from them, and yes, they are sounding brilliantly in my small room."

"I designed a truncated pyramid more or less like a trapezoid, inspiration from the Epicure 3.0 and one of the pics at your site. No sides are 90 degree corners, baffles are 15 degrees and the rest 5 degrees with respect to vertical. They have a volume of 14 liters, less minimal bracing. I used 18mm MDF, with 2mm thick black rubber foam found at craft stores to line the inside bottom/top/back/braces, and pillow filling. For the finish, I used black leatherette to cover the front/top/bottom and plastic vinyl with wood design for the sides and spray painted the back black. I would like to redo the side plastic vinyl once I get the chance on real wood veneer."

Here he is test-fitting all the pieces of MDF:

HUMAN 61 kit photo 1

They have been glued together and sanded, and are ready for the various finishes.

HUMAN 61 kit photo 2

This shows the binding posts terminals he used on the rear, and you can note that every vertical panel is angled inwards:

HUMAN 61 kit photo 3

And, finally, a nice photograph showing them both from the front:

HUMAN 61 kit photo 4

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