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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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PRO 006 Woofer
$87.00 each

The PRO 006 is a version of my 8" woofer with a 2 ohm (DC R) voice coil, ideal for series wiring in double woofer systems.

  A: Outer diameter   8 1/4"
B: Hole diameter7 1/4"
C: Total depth3 9/16"
D: Magnet diameter3 3/8"
E: Magnet assy. ht.1 5/16"
F: Mounting diameter7 3/4" (8)
G: Rabbett depth5/32"
H: Nominal VC dia.1.0"
J: Winding length0.75"
K: Gap height0.25"

Fs   27 Hertz  
Re1.9 ohms
Ie0.57 mH
Vas66 liters
Sensitivity92 dB/1w/1m
Power175 w RMS
"Extra" options available when I build this part:

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