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XTR 006:
Magnet Structure "Potting"
$10.00 each

(Note: this is not available as a separate part.)

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Genesis Physics used to do this for the woofers their top-of-the-line models 44 and 66. They glued a cardboard ring to the chassis and then partly filled it with epoxy.

I do the same thing, except I am using a polyurethane-based compound designed for filling gaps in concrete.

The result of doing this is to completely stabilize the flat part of the woofer basket, preventing it from twisting, flexing, or resonating in any way. It also locks the magnet structure, and hence the voice coil gap, into a more rigidly fixed alignment.

This option is available on all six and eight inch woofers I build, for DIY projects and also for EPI and Genesis replacements.

Here is a PRO 005 eight inch woofer I prepared this way:

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