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An Esoteric Project - Photos
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Ed's other projects: a pair of 1000 kits, and a pair of 202/250 kits.

Ed wanted to build an ideal point-source speaker system. What he did is build these orbs out of many, many angled slices of wood and mount six PRO 005 woofers and eight PRO 002 ME1 tweeters in each one.

Let's start the insanity with two photographs of the jig he set up to cut the slices he would assemble these from.

And this is what a slice looks like:

Here are enough of them to build one speaker, and the wiring for it thrown in for good measure. Note that each one has a notch cut in the ends - this is due to the plan to put a woofer at both "poles" of the sphere, so there was no need for the slices to meet. The notches will form the rabbet to install those woofers.

Now we see the fixture he built to assemble them, with a few staves in place:

With alternate staves in place, the plan is to apply glue to the rest of them, insert them, and tighten up the clamp band.

I'm not really sure how he got his camera in there, but this shows what will become the lower woofer hole:

All of the slices have been glued and placed, all that is left is drying time:

And here we see the raw cabinet with the driver holes cut:

Beginning to install the pieces of veneer:

Veneered and awaiting shellac:

A brief detour to show the wiring for the drivers - note that the visible pair are stapled in place to avoid later confusion.

Hanging by a by a chain in the "finishing room":

The last stage, of course, is to install the working parts. Somewhere along the line he also built some tripod stands and mounted handles (click for large version).

Ed's Spherical Speaker

And here are the pair in their natural environment (click for large version):

Ed's Room with Spherical Speakers

He also built a smaller pair using the six inch PRO 007 woofers, but I don't think I have photos of them.

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