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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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81+ Kit: Photographs

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Ian built this 81+ to go with the 1000s he built years ago as a center channel. Without knowing I was going to quote him, he said of it:

"It's in a box that looks like a big microwave, and that one's an 81+ I built as a center to fit in Andy's entertainment center.

"That center sounds great, too. It's more of an 81++ I guess, since it has the same per-woofer volume as the 1000s, and you really can't tell sitting in front of them that music or dialog has migrated from one of the big guys to that center thing. One of them is going to blow up before the others, of course, but it's not in a big enough room for that to be a likely scenario. He's got it biamped off a Crown in active crossover mode just for fun."

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