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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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81+ Kit: Photographs

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Jimbob's project overview

One part of Jimbob's speaker building project was to make some exact clones of the EPI 100, using my new parts. The boxes are the same size as the original speakers, and the driver placement is likewise identical.

The finished speakers weigh 27 pounds each.

First we have a partly-assembled cabinet, showing the cleats and bracing:

Now the completed, unfinished cabinets:

Here is the K-81 kit opened and ready to install:

Somehow the box has had some finishing touches added to it, and the crossover, wiring, and stuffing are in place:

And here we have a completed pair of speakers, with grills and badges:

And here they are, complete with a new receiver, on their way to become a very nice gift:

Again, great work, and thanks for the pictures!

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