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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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81+ Kit: Photographs

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Steve had some old ElectroVoice speakers that were solidly built, but not up to snuff when it came to sound quality, so he used a HUMAN 81 kit to turn them into some very nice speakers.

Here are the Electrovoice speakers, one intact and one basically stripped:

Using a palm sander to remove the glue that used to hold the original backplate/terminal in place:

Steve used this rotary tool to enlarge the tweeter holes and add the "ears" for the terminals:

The new binding post/backplate/crossover/wiring assemblies are in, and one box is refilled with fiberglass:

Both boxes stuffed, one also has a tweeter:

Just one woofer left to go:

And the completed project:

And here are a couple of photos of them alongside his Genesis 320 and Genesis 1 speakers:

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