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Epicure 3.0 Kit: Photographs

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In May of 2021, Alex of Ottawa, Canada, decided to build a pair of new speakers to duplicate the Epicure 3.0 using my K-3.0 kit. He opted for the front-mounted tweeters (which I approve of).

In August I received this lovely package of photographs, with his notes reproduced here.

Hi Huw,

Finally my speakers are ready. And most important they sound great!
I would like to share some project related pictures and explain what I did.

I decided to build two-layered cabinets, with an internal layer made of 3/4-inch MDF and an external layer made of 1/2-inch poplar plywood.

Left: The inner MDF box under construction, showing cabinet separation for the midrange and bracing.
Right: The felt damping for the cabinet walls and crossovers are installed.

Left: The cabinet cavities are stuffed with QuietZone Fiberglas Acoustic Insulation.
Right: The front baffle, with its external layer, is attached.

Left: All the external panels are attached, with quarter round used to smooth the corners. They are ready for sanding.
Right: The sanding is complete.

Left: The next step was applying gel stain and finishing wax.
Right: And at the final assembly stage, the drivers are installed.

Below: They are ready for the demonstration and test setup, using a DIY single-ended tube amplifier to drive them (Tung-Sol KT120 output tubes). New speakers!

Thank you again for the perfect kit!

Best Regards,

Great work, Alex, and thanks for the pictures!

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