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1987 - 2017: Thirtieth Anniversary!
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Replacement part number PRO 001
$59.00 each

L200A (SW2N) L200B (SW2Y)

PRO 001

This is a new, improved replacement for the 8" woofer used in the following Genesis Physics loudspeaker systems:

I, II (2), III (3), I+, 2+, and 3+.
1, 10, 20, 210, 320.
11, 33

It is also used in the FLS 4, and the Advance Speaker Korp A-II and A+

Its internal reference number (on the sticker, if it has one) is SW1N, SW2N, SW2Y, or SW3P.

(The "N" suffix woofers originally had green foam surrounds.
The "Y" suffix parts were grey.)

In sales brochures it is referred to as L200A or L200B.

What's different and why:

What's the same and why:

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