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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Replacement part number PRO 031
$127.00 each

This is a new 10" woofer, featuring a bifilar voice coil and butyl surround, and improvements such as a vented pole piece.

PRO 031 front view

It is intended for use in the following EPI/Epicure models:

120 (B,C), 240, 500, A120, A240, A300, A500

PRO 031 side view

And these models, too:

T/E 120, T/E 120/2, T/E 320, T/E 320/2, T/E 360

PRO 031 rear view

And even these two:

Stat 450 and Epicure 3.0

I build this new woofer using a treated, vacuum-deposited pulp (felted paper) cone, which is an improvement over the original bare (and slightly porous) paper, and also better than the Lexan/foam sandwich that the Time/Energy line used, to try to capture the quality of the older parts while having something "new" to talk about.

It is not necessary to return the old part when purchasing this part.

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