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Replacement part number/service ACC 004 J
$93.00 each (and varies)

This is a rebuild of the three-way crossovers used in the following EPI/Epicure models:

EPI 500, EPI A500, and EPI A500
Epicure 3.0, and Epicure 1, Epicure 2, and Epicure 3

It generally consists of removing and testing all the parts and replacing most of the capacitors. The ones directly in the signal path I replace with film-type very low dissipation factor units, and the ones that shunt the woofer and midrange legs with film-bypassed new aluminum electrolytics.

I replace all the wiring. The wires to the drivers will usually be my own 16 AWG OFC wiring, and the main input will depend on the application, but will usually be the same. The wires will have female terminals that match the drivers, and will be clearly color-coded and/or labeled.

This job usually occurs at the same time as I am rebuilding or replacing multiple drivers in the same system. The listed pricing is basically calculated to cover the labor involved in this, of which there is a lot, and the capacitors are not cheap.

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