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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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EPI & Epicure Speakers:
The Epicure 1

specifications - crossover schematic - equalizer - order parts


photo/top - crossover schematic - equalizer - order parts

From the original brochure: cabinet oiling instructions

Screw hex head (Allen head) sizes: woofer: 5/32"; midrange: 7/54"; tweeter: 5/64"

Dimensions: 42 3/4" x 12" (9 1/4 at front) x 13"
Weight: lbs
Response: 32 to 20k Hz
RMS Power: 20 to 200 watts
Crossover160, 500, 2500 Hz
Two 8" woofersPRO 028$79.00 each
Two 4" midrangesPRO 026$56.00 each
1" tweeterPRO 002 ME 2$73.00 each
Impedance:6 ohms

Crossover schematic

photo/top - specifications - equalizer - order parts

Note: I could not measure the ferrite-core chokes in situ, and did not want to take apart my customer's crossover, so the values are not provided yet.

Key to Crossover Symbols and Component Values (in a new window)

SPEQ™ (Speaker Placement Equalizer)*

photo/top - specifications - crossover schematic - order parts

Dimensions:2" x 5 7/8" x 8"
Input Impedance:50 kΩ
Boundary Control:
   Output Gain: (ref. 1 volt, 0dBv)π/2 +14 dBv at 35 Hz, -3 dB at 70 Hz
π +8 dBv at 35 Hz, +2 dB at 70 Hz
2π +2 dBv at 35 Hz, +37 dB at 70 Hz
   Step Corner Frequency:100 Hz
Mid-Bass Control:
   Output Gain: (ref. 1 volt, 0dBv)+0 to +6 dB at 190 Hz
   Bandwidth:+/- 75 Hz
Subsonic Filter:
12 dB/octave, -3 dB at 22 Hz
(with Boundary Control in π position)
Response:200 Hz - 40 kHz, +0 dB, -3 dB
Distortion: (1 v output)< 0.02 %, 20 to 20k Hz
Signal to Noise:> 80 dB, ref. 1 v out (unweighted)
Power:250 mA at 18 v DC

* "The SPEQ provides control of the deep bass and mid-bass sound regions to overcome room/speaker interaction effects. The SPEQ insures maximum performance in any location."

The Boundary Control is set based on how much of the space around the speaker is a reinforcing surface, that is, a wall. π/2 is ninety degrees, and would be chosen if the speaker is in a corner. π is 180 degrees, and is used when the speaker has its back against a wall. 2π is 360 degrees, and is used when the speaker is out in open space several feet away from all boundaries. As far as I can tell.

Here is a close-up of the control knobs:

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