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EPI & Epicure Speakers:
Oiling the cabinets of the Epicure 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

I was perusing my Epicure Model 1 brochure the other day when I came across this amusing information buried in the Care and Maintenance section:

"The veneer on your EPICURE loudspeaker will require conditioning when they are first removed from the packing carton."

I did a double take. Yes, you can't even use these right away when they are new, you have to finish finishing the cabinet first! I wonder if their dealers did this to all the display units?

This is the brochure text explaining the process:

The cabinets of your EPICURE speakers are finished with a "Danish" stain process. This finishing process brings out the beauty of the natural wood veneers used on the cabinets. No top coating, lacquer or varnish is applied to the finished cabinet because it would hide some of the natural grain of the wood.

The veneer on your EPICURE loudspeaker will require conditioning when they are first removed from the packing carton. Then periodic applications of furniture oil will maintain their original appearance.

The veneer should be conditioned immediately after unpacking. To properly condition this veneer you will need a quality furniture oil and two soft cotton cloths. Do not use furniture wax, polishes or cleaners on this finish. Do not use oils that contain petroleum distillates or solvents. The chemicals in some waxes may react with the stain resulting in an uneven finish. Also, waxes tend to seal the wood which prevents the finish of your EPICURE speakers from curing properly.

Apply a moderate amount of furniture oil to one of your cloths and lightly rub the oil into the wood. Work on a one foot square section at a time until you complete the initial conditioning of the cabinet. Apply additional oil if you notice the wood has absorbed the oil initially applied. Do not be concerned if you notice some excess stain coming off on your cloth. This is normal for a young oil finish.

After applying the oil evenly to the entire cabinet let it absorb the oil for several minutes. Then lightly buff the cabinet with the other clean, dry cloth. This procedure removes any excess oil and completes the initial conditioning of your cabinets. When dusting your cabinets use a soft dry cloth to lightly wipe off the dust. If, after a period of time the cabinets appear dry or dull, simply repeat the oiling process described above.

What's even funnier is the brochure for the Models 4 and 5 - it says to periodically use "commercially available furniture waxes or dusting compounds", but also included is a separate sheet saying this is an error and "do not use any waxes or cleaners", after giving the same instructions reproduced above.

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