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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Replacement/repair part number PRO 032
$93.00 each

original 110 woofer:

L250B (SW5Y)


original 410 woofer:

L250B (SW5Y)


This is a rebuild of the 10" woofer used in the Genesis Physics loudspeaker models:

110, 410

Its internal reference number (on the sticker, if it has one) is SW4 or SW5Y.

These woofers were identical, except for the G410 woofer using a butyl surround; I do that for both now (despite what the "rebuilt" photo shows). Also, the G110 had a square magnet structure, and the G410 was round, despite them being magnetically identical and made in the same general time frame.

In sales brochures they are referred to as L250A and L250B.

This part is a rebuild of your old part, which means you must send it in with your order.

See the PRO 031 if you want to buy a new woofer with no trade in requirements.

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