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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Replacement/repair part number PRO 002 F
$63.00 each (plus core charge or trade in)

Three variations of the original part:
Unpainted masonite

original Genesis STA tweeter

With screen

original Genesis STA tweeter

Painted black

original Genesis STA tweeter


PRO 002 F rebuilt version:

PRO 002 F


PRO 002 MG drop-in replacement:

PRO 002 MG

This is an improved replacement for the tweeter used in some of the following Genesis Physics loudspeakers:

I, II (2), III (3), 6, and V-6.

It is also used in the FLS 4

The improvement is subtle but noticeable - the aluminum dome I use results in a more extended frequency response, lower distortion, and slightly higher output.

Its internal reference number (on the sticker, if it has one) is STA.

In sales brochures it might be referred to as H50A.

You must return your old part(s) with your order.

If you do not have your old parts to rebuild, or if they are in poor condition, I make a new drop-in replacement that does not require a trade-in, the PRO 002 MG.

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