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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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HUMAN K-350E Speaker Kit
$951.00 / pair

PRO 002 ME1 tweeter
PRO 001 woofer
ACC 004 L (wrong photo)

The EPI 350 is an interesting application of the eight inch two-"module" speaker. In a sense it is a more user-friendly version of the massive EPI 1000 tower. By using an eight inch woofer and 1" concave dome tweeter on two adjacent sides of each box, much like the EPI 202 and EPI 250, it gains tremendously in dispersion and ease of placement. The "active" faces can be set up to fire forward and inward, forward and outward, at 45 degrees forward... or any combination you find works well with your listening room. Then, additionally, a third "module" is installed on the top, increasing the sense of space and dispersion even more.

The K-350E is a complete kit for rebuilding this model speaker. The tweeter is built on a 5" diameter faceplate (the PRO 002 ME1), and the input terminal/crossover/wiring assembly is built on a board that is screwed inside the rectangular opening in the original cabinet (the ACC 004 A). It also features three of my updated/upgraded replacement woofer, the PRO 001, and to help you reinstall your grills, I include a bunch of Velcro.

The HUMAN K-350E Kit includes:

6 PRO 001 woofers
6 PRO 002 ME1 tweeters
2 ACC 004 L binding post/backplate/crossover/wiring assemblies
Nice new black screws to install all parts
Velcro for grill mounting
Basic instruction sheet (and telephone/email support)

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