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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Replacement part number PRO 025
$40.00 each

Typical worn out original parts... On the left is the Time/Energy version, and on the right, the earlier paper cone version

Here is the new replacement:

This is a part I have carefully developed to replace the 4" sealed back midrange used in the following models:

500, A300, A500 (paper cone version)
T/E 320, T/E 360 (plastic cone version)
T/E 250, T/E 320/2, VCS2000 (plastic cone, built into plate with tweeter)

The number on the identifying sticker, if it has one, might be 1060 or 0939.

It is not necessary to return the old part when purchasing this part, except for the third row of models. For those you will need to send the whole plate assembly to me so I can install the new midrange in it.

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