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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Replacement part number PRO 023
$83.00 each

This is a careful rebuild of the 12" passive radiator used in the following EPI/Epicure models:

200, A200, epicure 15

I am replacing everything but the basket, using parts that match the new woofers I sell for these models (the PRO 001), both cosmetically and in quality. The reason we are re-using the basket is that many of the originals require slightly non-standard (if there can be said to even be a standard) holes in the cabinets, so I can't just make and sell you a complete new part. So I re-use your basket to make certain that your new parts will fit your cabinets.

(This part is a rebuild of your old part, which means you must send it in with your order.)

A different part in the same application that is not repairable

There is another version of 12" passive radiator that EPI used. It is made of a large "slug" of expanded plastic foam, suspended by front and rear butyl rubber surrounds in a molded plastic frame. With these we are really in "non-standard" sizing territory. Luckily the butyl rubber lasts and lasts and lasts, so there has not been much call to replace or repair them. When the time comes it is likely that a basket-style passive radiator will be the solution - but the cabinet will have to be recut to fit. These are used in the some of the 200 models, and pretty much exclusively in the following:

500, A500, T/E 360

Here are a couple of pictures of the original EPI 500 passive radiator. They are no longer available in this "format," and are not repairable. If you need to replace some of them, contact me and we'll see what is the best solution for you.

(photographs courtesy ebay seller "tarior.")

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