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About the PRO 002 ME tweeters

I have developed all-new replacement tweeters for some EPI/Epicure models. This is because some of the original tweeters are nearly impossible to rebuild or replace. Also, in some cases, people no longer have their original tweeters that could have been rebuilt. Here I will present an overview of these products.

In design these are all grandchildren of the classic "airspring" concave dome tweeter invented at Epicure Products. They have an optimized magnet structure for the power they are expected to disperse and the air they are intended to move. The aluminum dome is light and stiff, making for a smooth frequency response from below 1800 Hz to well over 20 kHz. The electrical reactance is completely compatible with the original crossover networks in the speakers they are built for.

Part #Size/shapeReplacesWhere used
PRO 002 ME15" round 1205


Masonite and gold ring
"airspring" tweeters
from 70's models

Some Time/Energy speakers

PRO 002 ME24 3/4" by 3 1/4"69828Epicure 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
PRO 002 ME3Top-mount1207 (?)Epicure 3.0
PRO 002 ME44 3/8" round1019
"A" series speakers
Some Time/Energy speakers
PRO 002 ME53 5/8" by 3 3/8"2565 (?)Time/Energy Series 2 speakers

There are photographs of the originals and the replacements at the files describing them individually. Here is a nice shot I took of the ME3, ME1, and ME2:

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