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Burhoe Acoustics Speakers

Burhoe Acoustics was a company created by Winslow Burhoe after he sold the company he founded to market his first wholly designed speaker line, Epicure Products Incorporated (EPI). The several models may not have been well known, but their owners love their sound and are still loyal after all these years.

Some of the speakers can be serviced quite handily, others are more difficult. I have tried to note these details here.

Here is a summary of the speakers, with links to specifications and copies of the original brochures:

ModelServices availablePart numberPrice
CrimsonReplacement for 4" wooferPRO 024$40.00 each
GreenReplacement for 8" wooferPRO 001$69.00 each
Complete rebuild/upgrade kitK-81B$334.00 / pair pair
WhiteReplacement for 8" woofer
Light BlueNew 10" wooferPRO 031$92.00 each
Rebuild 10" wooferPRO 032$82.00 each
BlueNew 10" wooferPRO 031$92.00 each
Rebuild 10" wooferPRO 032$82.00 each
RedReplacement for 8" woofer, rebuild tweeter
InfraRedRebuild 10" woofer

I also make a new replacement/upgrade drop-in concave aluminum dome tweeter that fits most of these models, the PRO 002 MBUR.

I almost always get asked to make the woofers for these various models with colored dust caps like the originals. It is somewhat of a pain, but I usually try. The result looks nothing like the old dust cap, but meets a need, I suppose. The best way to do this is for you to cut two perfectly-sized exact circles out of colored cardboard and mail them to me to use (that is why it is not so easy).

Burhoe Acoustics

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