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Automotive Applications

Since the possibilities for using various HUMAN Speakers products in cars (and other mobile applications) are quite varied, and not addressed clearly on the products page, I will attempt to cover them clearly here. The links will jump you all over this site, but that is why I created this file - you might never find them on your own!

This is a basic list of appropriate products and how you could use them.

A 61:

First, and simplest, there is my 6" two way speaker module.

Easy to install - it can be used with just a 4" to 5" hole in the panel beneath it - complete, and ready to connect to an amplifier and play your favorite music.

K 61: The parts used to build the A 61 are also available as a kit.
You get everything you need to build a pair. Ideal for D.I.Y.ers, for locations that require odd shaped mounting plates, or where there is already a solid panel to install speakers.

The A 61 and K 61 are both on the "HUMAN" price list and order form.

If you are interested in choosing and installing separate drivers on an "a la carte" basis, you can certainly wade through the D.I.Y. section of this web site looking at the drivers I make. But this is a short list of my recommendations to get you started:

PRO 007 6" woofer
PRO 005 8" woofer
PRO 002 M2 tweeter

These drivers are listed on the "D.I.Y." price list and order form.

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