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1987 - 2017: Thirtieth Anniversary!
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EPI & Epicure Speakers:
The Epicure 1

specifications - crossover schematic - equalizer - order parts


photo/top - crossover schematic - equalizer - order parts

From the original brochure: cabinet oiling instructions
Dimensions: 42 3/4" x 12" (9 1/4 at front) x 13"
Weight: lbs
Response: 32 to 20k Hz
RMS Power: 20 to 200 watts
Crossover160, 500, 2500 Hz
Two 8" woofersPRO 028$59.00 each
Two 4" midrangesPRO 026$42.00 each
1" tweeterPRO 002 ME 2$54.00 each
Impedance:6 ohms

Crossover schematic

photo/top - specifications - equalizer - order parts

Note: This schematic was developed from a pair of customer photographs, one of the component side and one of the trace side of the circuit board. He also wrote down the values of most of the capacitors. I had to make some educated guesses as to exactly where certain component leads went through the board, and where two or three traces actually were located.

You will see that the lower woofer and both midranges are wired "out of phase". The upper woofer incorporates a high pass filter as well as a low pass. This is a bit odd, since I would expect both woofers to carry the full lowest frequency signals. However, it may be mostly for phase shifting purposes.

I would love to get my hands on one of these and verify/update all these details.

Key to Crossover Symbols and Component Values (in a new window)

SPEQ™ (Speaker Placement Equalizer)*

photo/top - specifications - crossover schematic - order parts

Dimensions:2" x 5 7/8" x 8"
Input Impedance:50 kΩ
Boundary Control:
   Output Gain: (ref. 1 volt, 0dBv)π/2 +14 dBv at 35 Hz, -3 dB at 70 Hz
π +8 dBv at 35 Hz, +2 dB at 70 Hz
2π +2 dBv at 35 Hz, +37 dB at 70 Hz
   Step Corner Frequency:100 Hz
Mid-Bass Control:
   Output Gain: (ref. 1 volt, 0dBv)+0 to +6 dB at 190 Hz
   Bandwidth:+/- 75 Hz
Subsonic Filter:
12 dB/octave, -3 dB at 22 Hz
(with Boundary Control in π position)
Response:200 Hz - 40 kHz, +0 dB, -3 dB
Distortion: (1 v output)< 0.02 %, 20 to 20k Hz
Signal to Noise:> 80 dB, ref. 1 v out (unweighted)
Power:250 mA at 18 v DC

* "The SPEQ provides control of the deep bass and mid-bass sound regions to overcome room/speaker interaction effects. The SPEQ insures maximum performance in any location."

The Boundary Control is set based on how much of the space around the speaker is a reinforcing surface, that is, a wall. π/2 is ninety degrees, and would be chosen if the speaker is in a corner. π is 180 degrees, and is used when the speaker has its back against a wall. 2π is 360 degrees, and is used when the speaker is out in open space several feet away from all boundaries. As far as I can tell.

Here is a close-up of the control knobs:

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