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The long-awaited HUMAN 81 DK is now available.
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Model QT-2+

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(The model QT-2+ is not currently available due to lack of cabinet supply)

The HUMAN QT-2+ is an upscale version of the HUMAN QT-1+, housed in a beautiful wood veneered cabinet, available in gloss black, or as shown in cherry.

Its compact size and demure good looks make it perfect for any room that needs a small, classy audio addition.

I use a carefully chosen imported woofer that goes low cleanly while doing a nice job of reproducing the lower midrange tones. The tweeter I use is likewise an imported 3/4" dome unit I picked for its superb quality of sound in a small driver.

The connection terminal is outfitted with high quality audiophile grade gold plated five-way binding posts, the internal wiring is specially produced 16 gauge, and the crossover incorporates an audiophile grade film type capacitor.

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