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Replacement/repair part number ACC 004 J
$93.00 each

(see photos below)

This is a rebuild of the three-way crossovers used in the following Genesis models:

III (3), 3+, 320, 410, 66 and 66/2

I replace the capacitors that are directly in series with drivers with high-quality polyester film ones, and bypass the larger ones that shunt to ground. I use new 16 AWG oxygen-free driver wiring. I also replace the old terminals with new gold-plated five-way binding posts that accept up to 10 AWG speaker wire in their through-hole.

On the models with tweeter and midrange level control switches, I remove and bypass the switches, leaving the circuit permanently in the "flat" configuration. If you really insist, I will leave the switches in place, but I think they are just trouble waiting to happen, and best removed.

The implementation varies from model to model, but basically, in all cases, you remove the original crossover/terminal board and send it to me, I rebuild it and send it back, and then you reinstall it.

On the 3 and 3+, the crossover board is screwed in from the inside, and accessed by removing the tweeter/midrange mounting plate.

The 320 and 410 crossover boards are also mounted inside the cabinet, and include the input terminals, but they are often glued in with hot-melt adhesive. Getting them out requires gently breaking the old glue without damaging the board.

On all the above models, there are wires going through the division between the open-back midrange enclosure and the woofer enclosure. They go through a hole that is sealed with hot-melt. You will re-seal this hole upon reinstallation with glue or putty.

The Genesis 66 crossovers (both versions) are on Masonite boards, separate from the input terminal cup, and are glued down with hot-melt. They can be hard to remove intact, but I will remount the parts I am reusing along with the new parts on a new board (or boards - I like to use one for the woofer crossover and one for the midrange and tweeter).

And finally, some photos of examples - when I can find them on my hard drive:

New ACC 004 J crossover assembly

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