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Replacement part number ACC 004 I
$98.00 each

(see photos below)
(Illustrated easy installation guide)

Most older EPI and Epicure speakers have a serious weak link in their implementation - despite using excellent purpose-designed drivers:

This is an example from an early seventies vintage EPI 601, a wonderful speaker with an Achilles heel:

Original EPI 601 backplate assembly

The ACC 004 I is a complete assembly I designed and developed to remedy all these issues.

It features a high quality, non-resonant 1/4" thick 5" by 6" MDF backplate, with a pair of gold-plated, color-coded five-way binding posts securely attached on standard 3/4" centers. These will easily accomodate up to 10 AWG wire in the hole through the posts, along with several other connection methods.

The crossover parts for the front "module" are mounted on a separate board, which is connected to the main board by two wires with high-quality male and female terminals.

The crossover capacitors are high-quality film types with vanishingly low deviation from the ideal impedance curve, and the internal wires are color-coded 16 AWG oxygen-free copper with connectors that match the terminals on the drivers.

It comes complete with a built-in sealing gasket, mounting screws, and installation instructions. Also, here is a step-by-step pictorial showing how to install it.

It is set up to replace the terminal, crossover, and wiring harness in the EPI 601 and 602 speakers.

And finally, a photograph of it:

ACC 004 I - New improved backplate assembly

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